Client: Hermès

Year: 2018

Photograph: Hermès

Ortega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega Guijarro
Surely one of the earliest cultural demonstrations of any known civilization has been the expression by means of the game. Individually or collectively, men using the simplest elements in their environment succeeded to transform them into objects for playing. Perhaps the first human being who threw a stone, intending to test his marksmanship, started an entertainment that eventually led to many of the games and sports we know.

Turqueta was born of an attempt to recover part of the way of living from our ancestors, enjoying single moments with the people around us. Entertainment that gave rise to social time, a context of cultural and generational exchange that allowed the society to progress. The present situation is quite different, increasing individualism and the need to remain reconnected to a digital and intangible world, is weakening our ability to socialize and relate to each other amongst the younger generations.

Regarding the object, there is a strong exercise of both sustainability and design. The concept is based on breaking the block, minimizing its expression down to its essence, something basic and intriguing. By using wood as the main material, it avoids any nonsense waste of material, since solid wood is the most ecological raw material, the least intensive in energy consumption, recyclable and biodegradable. Moreover, this is contributing to the reduction of climate change.

The result is a game composed of six pins. Each pin has a cut in the middle with the shape of a sphere. When together they create a space, a receptacle, to keep the ball inside to avoid losing it. For better comfort and following the standards of a brand like Hermès, the set has a supreme leather strap, allowing us to carry the game on us.