Client: INJUVE - Self Produc

Year: 2017

Photograph: OG

Ortega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega Guijarro
Rain is the result of mixing two separate concepts that lead to one single form. Analyzing the current social situation, especially between the young generations, we can assume that the amount of owned things is in decline. But in contradiction, the objective is to have objects and products that have a special value for us, making users feel different and unique.

More and more the relationship between users and objects is increasing. We have produced a series of functional objects that provide special value to any environment and at the same time bring new relations between user and object.

The intention behind the use of a material that is usually far from the applications in household products, as in this case the corrugated aluminum, is to find new ways when developing concepts for domestic spaces. The lines of the piece, set by graphic patterns, allow the user to install and use the object in an optimal way just by following the direction of the furrows of the material.