Client: Bolia

Year: 2018

Photograph: Bolia

Ortega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega Guijarro
A playful combination of materials, textures, and proportions characterizes the Pato shelf. It makes an elegant addition to any wall, whether it's hanging on its own as a side table or together with others to create a beautiful installation on the wall.

Pato is a shelf concept with an elegant, pleasant and charming aesthetic. It is composed of two main parts: the support and the base. The wooden volume that acts as support allows the user to locate the base in different positions, rather symmetrically or off-centered.

The base is offered in 2 curated materials, smoked glass and black terrazzo. To create more interactions between the product and the user and provide a playful feeling, Pato was developed using two different shapes, rectangular or circular.