Client: Self Produced

Year: 2016

Photograph: OG

Ortega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega Guijarro
Inspired by the circular contraposition that happens during every eclipse, we began drawing lines that ended up with an interesting sketch of a side table. The idea behind Eclipse table is to imitate the rotational movement of the moon and the sun, deriving in a situation where one of the two tops is totally hidden. This effect turns out to be an interesting functional quality of the table, providing an extra surface when needed.

The table is composed of two wooden tops in different diameters. Both bases are attached separately to a metal pipe that pivots on a common axis, allowing the hiding action of the smallest top. Following our aesthetic direction, we draw different lines considering several thicknesses with the clear intention of creating a table with an attractive contrast.