Client: Kave Home

Year: 2018

Photograph: Kave home

Ortega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega GuijarroOrtega Guijarro
Under the premise of creating an outdoor chair, using nautical rope and metal as the main materials, we began researching different techniques used by fishermen to weave their nets as well as the shapes and proportions of their own fishing boats. Taking as main inspiration the Osaka Bay in Japan, along with its traditional boats, clothing and illustrations, we started to draw different lines, curves and patterns letting the subtleness and elegance of those corners take the form of a functional piece.

Thus Boomer was born, an outdoor chair with a soft, sophisticated and light aesthetic. The structure of the chair shows a continuous aesthetic that resembles the roofs of traditional Japanese ships. Due to its proportions and constructive details, Boomer can be easily stacked to save space. Boomer is a chair with excellent qualities that make it suitable for outdoor and indoor use, enhanced by the use of nautical rope with UV protection. The well-calculated weight lets users transport it easily, and the quality in its materials and in the manufacturing processes involved provides stability and durability to this chair.